Corte ingles alicante: El Corte Inglés Alicante — Edificios, tiendas y horarios

El Corte Inglés — Supermarket in Alicante, Spain

  • 5Natinho L.
    1 year ago Can’t fault this place. Good quality goods and the staff so try hard to help you get what you want. It is big and you may need to use Google maps just to find your way out.

  • 5Brad W.
    2 months ago Amazing everything you need under one roof, with a fantastic Christmas selection

  • 5Nick W.
    3 months ago What can you say about ECI that hasn’t been said before. They earn their respect. Excellent staff… Massive range of produce … Fun to go shopping… But select when to buy as not always competitive.. but usually close😏

  • 5Juan Alcázar B.
    3 months ago Recommended by bargains and special offers inBlack Friday

  • 5Bruce S.
    3 months ago This is a full service department store with two locations along Maisonnave. One is for clothing, shoes, sports goods, etc the other for furniture, home goods, jewelry, fine wine and spirits, etc. Both locations have supermarkets. Wide selection of items priced from very affordable to slightly expensive.

  • 5Svitlana S.
    1 year ago (Translated by Google) Convenient location, several floors of interesting collections of furniture, home shop. One floor is given entirely to books, plates, stationery and useful trinkets. Suitcases, if necessary. Jewelry stores of many brands, cheeses, candies, coffee, pasta … coffee shops, parking .Convenient and nice.You can buy gifts, you can decorate the house, you can yourself. (Original) Зручне розташування,кілька поверхів цікавих колекцій меблів,домашнього краму.Один поверх віддан цілком книгам,платівкам,канцелярії і корисним дрібничкам.Валізи,якщо треба.Магазини коштовностей багатьох брендів,сири,цукерки,кава,паста…кав’ярні,парковка.Зручно та приємно.Можна придбати подарунки,можна прикрасити дім,можна себе.

  • 5Nikka K.
    9 months ago (Translated by Google) Everything for the home is sold here. A wide range of goods is presented, from spoons, household utensils to furniture and electrical appliances. Prices can be found for every taste. Attentive staff. Foreigners can get a special card with discounts, and when leaving for their country, they provide a letter for tax-free. (Original) Тут продается в основном все для дома. Представлен широкий ассортимент товаров-от ложек, домашней утвари до мебели и электроприборов. Цены можно найти на любой вкус. Внимательный персонал. Иностранцы могут специальную карточку со скидками, а также при отъезде в свою страну предоставляют письмо для такс-фри.

  • 5Marta S.
    5 months ago Excellent 👌

  • 5Tallulah S.
    7 months ago Has most items you need but expensive prices. Has a good supermarket with brands in UK. But the Spanish meat and groceries are way much better than UK if you do your own cooking during stay here in Alicante. Recommend shopping here as staff are helpful just expect to come out with a lighter purse, you have been warned 😉

  • 5natasha R.
    5 months ago Great department with Really amazing supermarket with a huge selection and higher prices

  • 5Ken C.
    6 months ago My favorite department store in all of Europe! Great selection, good prices, pleasant helpful service.

  • 5Anthony H.
    9 months ago This is a beautiful department store, spread over 5 floors. Everything sold here is of top quality and the service is first class. If you’re in Alicante it’s well worth a visit.

  • 5Anastasi Z.
    5 months ago Nice warehouse with a good reputation and a lot of different stores with high quality. But don’t be surprised of the high prizes in these shops.

  • 4Peter H.
    6 months ago Great shopping experience, cafe, toilets and cash machine.

  • 4Tracey H.
    7 months ago Very big, great sales, lots to see! Has a Starbucks just outside and a frozen yogurt truck outside too! Perfect for shopping

  • 4fran Bonete F.
    9 months ago (Translated by Google) Always in constant evolution together with the leading firms, in this case a new improvement of the space dedicated to Panama Jack, a leading firm in the manufacture and distribution of both male and female footwear with its summer lines but highlighting the great image of its excellent boots, by the way. (Original) Siempre en constante evolución junto alas firmas punteras en este caso nueva mejora del espacio dedicado a Panamá Jack firma puntera en la fabricación y distribución de calzado tanto masculino como femenino con sus líneas veraniegas pero destacando la gran imagen de sus botas excelentes por cierto

  • 4Ev D.
    5 months ago Not as many options as one would hope. And you have to walk to a different building for clothes, while the other building has jewellery and a food court

  • 4shoshanatony b.
    8 months ago Good grilled chicken and tasty salads and potatoes. Eat on roof terrace.gorgeous view of Benidorm coast with great breeze

  • 4Maksim S.
    1 year ago There’s probably no better chain of shopping centers than El Corte in Spain, the assortment covers most of the things you might ever need in life although it is pretty basic and very similar across all of the 70+ centers across the country. In Madrid, I recommend visiting shopping-specific streets, however, in other cities, El Corte might be your best choice. (Pictures were taken right next to the entrance)

  • 4Robert M.
    4 months ago Always interesting to visit this Alicante store.

  • 4Ann L.
    4 months ago Just nice things

  • 4Sunesh K.
    5 months ago UK version of the department store across multiple floors worth a visit pricer than most stores, if got kids good toys selection, has others items less useful for tourist there also Starbucks, bar, cafe and supermarket although it slightly pricey.

  • 3Fiona U.
    6 months ago Great place with a large variety of products. However, the place is very confusing. Can’t for the life of me find the fashion department

  • 3Giuseppe A.
    2 months ago Good for selling the water to jesus Christ as we say. Super expensive. Staff wears suit and tie good impression but my wallet didn’t get impressed. The supermarket floor needs some upgrades. You could change your old broken tiles or renew it all. for god sake.

  • 1Khalil E.
    10 months ago Don’t buy laptops from Corte inglés Very bad experience Very very bad customer service I bought a new expensive hp laptop from corte Inglés, at the end of January 2022 after about a month I figured out a problem in the mouse pad, then I contacted HP they did a remote inspection and they said there is a critical issue in the mouse pad , I went to corte Inglés I gave them the laptop to repair it, After 2 weeks I contacted HP in order to follow up and know what is the problem and when I am going to receive my laptop, they couldn’t track the laptop with the serial number in hp repair centers, They said i Have to get the case number or the tracking number from corte Inglés, Corte Inglés refused to give any numbers and the customer service are very rude and are not friendly, they don’t pick up the phone, I had to go three times to the shop in order to get the tracking number, They refuse to give the tracking number and from the discussion they said that they are sending to a different repair shop belonging to Corte inglés in Madrid, They also said there is a problem with the hard disk and they are going to replace it as well, They said HP is not able to track because of the law of protection of data blah blah blah, The truth is they didn’t send the laptop to official HP repair shop, Until today I didn’t receive my laptop, I don’t know what are the issues with the laptop and I don’t know when it will be ready No garantie they will use original pieces the conclusion: Don’t buy electronnics from Corte Inglés Don’t buy laptops from HP

  • El Corte Inglés Аликанте — Аликанте

    Вам нужна помощь?

    Назад к результатам

    Федерико Сото, 1-3

    30003 Аликанте


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    о El Corte Inglés Alicante

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    • Воскресенье

      11:00 — 21:00

    • Понедельник

      10:00 — 22:00

    • Вторник

      10:00 — 22:00

    • Среда

      10:00 — 22:00

    • Четверг

      10:00 — 22:00

    • Пятница

      10:00 — 22:00

    • Суббота

      10:00 — 22:00

    Reserva Online en Spa Spaxión by Asetra en El Corte Inglés de Alicante al mejor precio

    4. 6875 5 10

    Avenida de Federico Soto nº 1-3 – 5ª Planta 03003 – Аликанте, Испания

    Avenida de Federico Soto nº 1-3 – 5ª Planta 03003 – Alicante, ES


    El Spa Spaxión by Asetra del Corte Inglés Alicante se encuental de El Ingléntra situado en el centro де Федерико Сото. Se trata де ип центр де estética dedicado а-ля relajación у эль bienestar. Cuenta con ип área de 250 cuadrados метро, ​​dividido en varias áreas armonizadas para que tengas una experiencia wellness perfecta. Cuenta кон уна зона де estética лица, otra де estética телесный, уна зона де relajación у эль спа. En las

    instalaciones de última Generation del Spa Spaxión by Asetra Alicante en Corte Inglés podrás disfrutar de tratamientos como: envoltura de Chocolate y masaje corporal relajante con ароматерапия, entre otros. Para aquellos que buscan un momento de intimidad, Spaxión cuenta con una Cabina V.

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